Dan Davini

Lab Coordinator II
Photo of Dan Davini
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Dan is the laboratory manager for the Katsanis lab. He received a Bachelor of Arts with an Immunology emphasis from The University of California at Berkeley in 2007.

He spent 4 years at UCSF in the lab of Jeff Bluestone studying autoimmune dysregulation in the context of type 1 diabetes and peripheral neuropathy; 2 years at Rutgers in New Jersey, studying the innate and adaptive immune response in the context of a spinal cord injury; 3 years at UC Merced in the lab of Katrina Hoyer studying the immune cells that influence bone marrow failure from autoimmune pathology. He also led a study exploring the early immune response to Valley Fever in pediatric patients to better predict disease progression and clearance; and 3 Years at Five Prime Therapeutics Inc on the Immune Oncology Discovery team exploring novel immune targets in the context of cancer.

Dan has worked throughout his career to better understand how the various immune system components work together to keep the human body healthy, and how those same components can at times create disease. The careful balance of immune regulation to prevent systemic damage versus controlled activation to fight cancer is what he is still working on.


  • B.A. with an Immunology emphasis